Relaxation at its best – only with a scented candle!

The majority of you probably heard about the incredible properties of scented candle. The power flowing from the emitted heat, combined with excellent scents, has undoubtedly a beneficial influence on the users. Some types of scented candles remove stress and fatigue, they help to maximally relax, facilitate sleep, whereas other types are more energizing, they refresh our mind, stimulate to constructive actions. Some of them even exhibit a healing effect by clearing respiratory tract, enabling a blissful and healthy rest. It is worth familiarising oneself with the information concerning these interesting products, which should surely become part of our domestic space. We will discover their pleasant properties and appreciate the power of aromatherapy in next to no time.

What does the production process of scented candles look like?
As we have already been able to notice, scented candles are available in various sizes, shapes, and colours. Many people wonder how they are produced. Well the answer is fairly simple. In order to produce such candles, we need particular materials, such as:
➢ paraffin wax – it is a mixture of solid alkanes and has a form of crystalline wax of white or light yellow colour. The substance lacks scent and taste, it dissolves in water, and is oily to the touch.
➢ natural beeswax – this substance is also called yellow – due to its colour. It is secreted by bees during the production of honey – hence the name. Natural beeswax melts at the temperature of approximately 70 degrees Celsius.
➢ soy wax – this wax is frequently used, owing to the fact that it burns for a considerably longer period of time than paraffin wax, moreover it is a safe and natural product possessing positive influence on the health of its users.
➢ synthetic beeswax – this is a refined petroleum product with similar properties to the natural beeswax.
➢ stearin – this is an ester with positive properties which produces small amounts of smoke while burning. Currently, it is rarely used during the production of candles, owing to higher production costs.
➢ plant and animal fats – they appear in a half-liquid form, therefore they need to be hardened in order to be exploitable.
➢ paraffin gel – this synthetic product is used for the production of gel candles, it can be found in a colourless and coloured form.
➢ fragrance additions – these can be essential oils, dried fruit parts, flower petals, or exotic spices.


Particular components are combined in order to create a uniform mass. In case of gel candles, the paraffin gel is first melted and tainted. Afterwards, the mixtures are placed in appropriate forms containing a candlewick as well as a metal base, which keeps everything in a vertical position. In case of decorative scented candles, all of the additions, such as fruit parts, flower petals as well as mixtures of beautifully scented essential oils are placed in the candles before they solidify. Some workshops employ artists who create precise patterns and cuts in the candles, which the manufacturers then sell. This way the most beautiful and most unique products of this type are created.
The benefits of the use of scented candles:
Burning attested candles which are produced from natural components possesses numerous assets. Depending on the chosen version of this product, we may expect that owing to it, we will be able to:
– relax and mellow out after a long and tiring day
– get rid of numerous cumbersome ailments
– regain our full vitality
– gather the needed energy
– create a pleasant atmosphere at home
– soothe our nerves
– clear the air, remove unpleasant odours, including the odour of tobacco
– neutralise the harmful positive ions emitted by electronic devices
– improve our general mood
– accelerate recuperation

The purchase of scented candles is an extremely pleasant activity. When choosing such candles, it is worth following a number of simple rules. First of all, it is vital to pay attention whether the candles are made of natural components. We will be able to find out whether that is the case in a very simple way, namely – by looking at their composition. The things that should strike us as disturbing are the presence of artificial pigments as well as lack of information concerning the composition of the product. The price also usually reflects the product quality, as it is impossible to produce a good, fine, and, at the same time, safe candle for a penny. This issue is extremely vital, as numerous analyses have proved that the smoke from artificial pigments and components negatively influences human health, especially human respiratory system.

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