What does dandelion treat?

Dandelion (lac.Taraxacum officinale) is also known as common dandelion, sonchus, or blowball. This wild-growing plant is considered by the majority to be the most difficult weed to eradicate. However, many people are not aware that dandelion possesses numerous healing properties. What are they? You will be able to read about it in this article!

Dandelion grows also outside of Europe. This plant abundantly grows on the meadows, pastures, lawns, and in the gardens of Asia and the Americas. It possesses a rosette of leaves spread just above the ground. Dandelion has a long and empty stem whose end is surmounted with a single flower head. When we break the stem, a white substance suggestive of milk, which is the so-called plant sap, starts to seep. The single flower head is characterised by a beautiful yellow colour. However, it was not the colour that attracted people’s attention in the first place – it was the peculiar shape of the yellow petals. Hence the common name, which comes from the French word “dent-de-lion” meaning lion’s tooth. The plant flowers mostly on clay, nitrogen-rich, and potassium-rich soils in the period between April and August. It is eagerly pollinated by insects, therefore it is a honey plant. After the flowering is finished, multiple fruit is created in a form of a fluffy ball, commonly called blowball.

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The leaves and roots are mostly the healing raw material of the plant. The roots are extremely rich in mannitol, sesquiterpene bitter agents, triterpenes, phenolic acids, polysaccharides – insulin, tannins, mineral salts. Whereas, the plant sap contains insulin as well as silicic acid, bitter lactone, and vitamins A, B, C and D. Dandelion flowers and leaves are rich in magnesium, silicon, helenin, carotenoids, flavonoids, and essential oils.


Healing properties:

Dandelion possesses numerous healing properties. The plant has got a beneficial influence on the organism, it helps to fight a number of ailments and severe diseases. Owing to the various and extremely rich components, dandelion:

  • exhibits laxative, cholagogic, and diuretic properties
  • has an anti-rheumatic effect
  • prevents the excessive increase of blood sugar level
  • strengthens heart functioning
  • cleanses blood
  • stimulates appetite
  • helps to treat stomach problems
  • helps to fight fungal infections, ulcerations, and warts
  • possesses sedative properties
  • helps to dissolve kidney stones and gallstones
  • improves the absorption of magnesium
  • accelerates the process of wound healing
  • helps with fighting sore throat, rhinitis, and bronchitis

Owing to the fact that dandelion exhibits quite a strong influence on the organism, its increased consumption ought to be consulted with a doctor. Dandelion definitely is beneficial for individuals fighting stomach ulcers, as it stimulates digestion and increases the amount of digestive juices. It would be advisable to check whether we are allergic to dandelion before we decide to use it.




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