How to train your gluteal muscles?

Each woman dreams about shapely and firm buttocks. For they are synonymous with attractiveness, are a true attribute and adornment. Unfortunately, not everyone has been endowed by nature with beautiful shapes in this area of the body. However, one should not give up and break down! There exist various exercises, which in case of a regular training – enable us to attain our dream shapes. What do these miraculous exercises look like? You will be able to learn everything about it in this article:)

A couple of words about buttocks…

First of all, it is worth providing some information concerning this part of the body. Buttocks are built of muscle mass as well as the surrounding adipose tissue. Their shape can be formed owing to intensive and cyclical workouts as well as a couple of simple guidelines that ought to be followed. One of them is a healthy and appropriately balanced diet. Another – avoiding calorific drinks and replacing them with their healthy counterparts – water, natural juice. It is also worth including herbal teas in your diet – such as SlimBliss – which help to cleanse our organism. We should not forget about massage as well as the use of cosmetics which help to tone up our body. The last element is the avoidance of a sedentary lifestyle – the more possibilities of activity, the better for our buttocks!


When it comes to the best exercises to build beautiful, shapely, and firm buttocks, it is worth permanently including the ones presented below in the workout routine:

  • Climbing up the stairs – it seems to be trivial, however, often what seems to be simple, is the most effective. Avoid the elevator – always use the stairs, regardless of the floor on which you live or work. At the gym you will also find appropriate equipment which will enable you to climb the steps at a pace that suits you.
  • Running – running, especially outdoor running, significantly strengthens our legs and our buttocks as well.
  • Squats – it is one of the most important exercises enabling us to shape our gluteal muscles. However, it is vital to follow a number of rules:

– straight back, legs placed in line with our hips or shoulders

– knees should not cross the line of our toes while we are doing the squat

– the squat should be done until you reach a right angle between your calf and your thigh

  • Lunges – exercises which involve making a large step forward with one of your legs and lowering the knee of the leg that is positioned behind, we rank these as very effective and, at the same time, quite difficult to do. What counts in case of these exercises is the technique, that is:

– straight position – one cannot lean forward

– our knee joint should not cross the line of our toes

– the thigh of the leg which is placed in front of us ought to be in a parallel position with respect to the floor or be placed slightly below this position

– while pushing back up to the initial position, we make a move with the leg placed in front of us – starting from our heel

  • Hip Lifts – in order to appropriately do this effective exercise, lie flat on your back and raise your knees (keeping your feet on the floor). Then, raise your hips straight up until they create a straight line with your legs. Maintain in this position for a couple of seconds and then repeat it several times.




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