Is any time of the day good for exercises?

Many people, when starting their journey with regular workouts, ask themselves – what time of the day will be the most appropriate and will allow me to attain optimal results? It is commonplace to say that any time of the day is appropriate for physical activity and, naturally, this assumption has a lot of truth to it. However, numerous studies have shown that doing workouts at specific hours brings certain results. What are they? You will be able to read about this in the article:)

Morning workout

A morning workout is especially intended for individuals who want to burn excess weight. Why? First and foremost, because exercises done in the early hours turn our metabolism up, owing to which our organism burns calories during the entire day. What is essential – during sleep our organism burns glycogen, therefore its level is relatively low in the morning. Starting the workout with a low level of glycogen in the blood, our organism will start to use body fat in the first place – and this in turn will enable us to attain good results in our combat against excess weight. What else will we gain owing to a morning workout? A good mood for the entire day! Exercises lead to the release of endorphins, which ensure a good mood for a long period of time. Moreover, it will not be necessary for us to drink coffee, black tea, or other stimulating preparations, as our organism will be fuelled by an enormous amount of energy which will help us to stay productive for the whole day!

Afternoon workout

The period of time between 12 and 3 o’clock p.m. is the best time for muscle building. As research has shown, our organism is then already awake, owing to which it is easier to avoid various types of injuries – our performance is increased as well. During that time we display the greatest energy, strength, power to lift weights, do interval training, or do consecutive repetitions. Another advantage of such a workout is the fact that it allows us to burn the previously consumed meals, even those overly sumptuous, owing to which we will maintain an appropriate level of calories in the body. A good afternoon workout inhibits appetite, owing to which we can be sure that ravenous appetite will not occur and we will not consume too many calories at night.


Evening workout

An evening workout is especially intended for individuals who do strength training. Research has proved that, despite the general fatigue after the entire day, evening is the time period when our organism attains peak endurance. The level of all hormones is then stabilised and our resilience as well as strength – maximal. It enables to attain positive training results. But that is not everything. A workout during the evening hours enables us to relax and reduce the level of stress. Moreover, it ensures a healthy sleep which is essential for the appropriate functioning of our organism. However, it is worth remembering that too intensive a workout during the evening hours might slightly delay our bedtime – due to the fact that a stimulated organism requires a longer period of time to achieve a state of relaxation, serenity.

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