Hibiscus – the amazing power of a purple flower

The amazing influence of hibiscus flower has been known for a while. The Egyptian pharaohs already celebrated the beneficial power of this plant. They drank it as a beverage called karkadé and praised its wonderful influence on their health and well-being. Nowadays, this flower is still considered to be a source of healing substances and is praised for its properties. What are they? You will be able to read everything about it in this article.

A couple of words about hibiscus

Hibiscus is a beautiful ornamental plant. Malaysia uses hibiscus as a national symbol, whereas Hawaii placed it as part of their national emblem. The plant is very characteristic: it possesses large purple flowers. All parts of hibiscus possess a healing effect, however, these are mostly dried hibiscus flowers that are used in order to prepare infusions and teas.

 Healing properties of hibiscus

This plant is rich in various components exhibiting beneficial influence on human health. The most important are:

  • vitamin C
  • organic acids
  • calcium
  • mineral salts
  • natural AHA acids
  • polyphenols
  • carotenes
  • fibre
  • unsaturated fatty acids

Owing to its unique composition, not only does hibiscus improve our general well-being, but also it helps to treat various ailments. As numerous studies have demonstrated, this plant:

  • helps in the treatment of hypertension
  • possesses anti-inflammatory properties
  • soothes irritations
  • has an antispasmodic effect
  • helps to decrease fever
  • helps to alleviate coughing
  • improves liver protection
  • strengthens our immune system
  • improves blood circulation
  • helps to reduce bad blood cholesterol level
  • stimulates weigh loss
  • cleanses the organism from toxins

The beneficial influence of this plant has been appreciated not only by the creators of teas, such as HerbaBliss, but also by cosmetologists. For a hibiscus extract helps to combat skin problems, such as irritated capillaries. Owing to the fact that the plant exhibits soothing and skin softening properties, it frequently becomes an ingredient in preparations, creams, and balms, which can be found in pharmacies and drugstores.



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