Stinging nettle… good for everything!

Many of us associate stinging nettle only with unpleasant sensations which we felt after coming into direct contact with the plant. Due to those recollections, numerous people avoid it like the plague. That is unnecessary! As it turns out, stinging nettle possesses various healing properties. It is worth coming around to this plant and including a stinging nettle infusion in your everyday diet! Why? You will be able to read about it in this article :)

Commonly, stinging nettle is considered to be a weed which is persistently eliminated from house gardens. However, individuals who are skilled in natural medicine stress that the plant is a valuable source of beneficial components which stimulate the healing process of numerous harsh and cumbersome ailments. That is why the creators of HerbaBliss tea decided to include this plant in the composition of their daytime tea. A stinging nettle infusion is characterised mostly by the following properties:

  • it regulates the water balance in our organism
  • it cleanses the organism from toxins
  • it strengthens our immune system
  • it helps in the treatment of urinary system
  • it prevents stomach and intestinal ulcers
  • it improves the functioning of pancreas and liver
  • it strengthens our skin and hair
  • it eliminates dandruff
  • it works like a natural antibiotic
  • it helps in the treatment of anaemia

Valuable components of stinging nettle

As it is visible, stinging nettle possesses various healing properties. Its composition is responsible for the fact that it is such a valuable plant in natural medicine. The positive impact on health is ensured mostly by the following components:

  • vitamins: B, C, K
  • antioxidants
  • organic acids
  • essential oils
  • calcium
  • phosphorus
  • sulphur
  • potassium
  • iodine
  • sodium
  • iron
  • carotenoids
  • serotonin

This inconspicuous plant from the home herbarium ensures that the organism of a person using its beneficial properties is cleansed, has an appropriate water balance as well as an appropriate level of vitamins. In a combination with other healthy plants, which are part of HerbaBliss tea composition, it decidedly improves our well-being and health state. It is definitely worth coming around to this plant!

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